Listen [1:33] (I. Rafalak, J. Rafalak)

Come with me, let's toe the line between what's yours and mine,
let's go cause time is surely wasting 
Detach yourself, open your ears, relax your fears,
just take a bite and savor what you're tasting 
Don't let your voice be so loud,
that it covers up other voices like pollution 
Don't thirst for what is not there,
cause the mirage is gone and this world is an illusion 
So take a moment, close your eyes,
don't worry 'bout the things that you might happen to be missing 
Throw off chains of self, lift up your soul,
keep breathing and don't forget to listen 

Reggae People [4:43] (I. Rafalak, Meccouri)   Listen to this track in the music player Millionaire tells me you can't dress that way And millionaire tells me, you can't eat that way But the law says I'm free, to do as I like And the Lord says I'm free, if my soul's alright But the media frenzy, says it's not that way And the powers above me, don't hear what I say They say that you're no one, if you ain't got stuff But the people know better, cause we still got love Chorus: You recognize truth, you recognize light You try to stay cool and you try to do right Worn by our work, content just the same We're the reggae people, we carrying the flame You turn on the TV and what do you see You see exploitation and stupidity You flip through the channels and it's all the same You see people yelling, but saying nothing Ok it's not all bad, but look at it's root The main motivation is just to make loot And if money and glamour are our only goals It's easy to forget, that we've still got souls Chorus You try to stay cool and you try to do right But with everything you see, it's easy to lose sight Of the goal at the end of the road Forget what you've been told and behold The divine plan, as it unfolds And reaches every corner of the globe Cause we the reggae people need to make it as a whole And I know, even though I've been told lies For the first time I can see with my own eyes I look into your eyes, your eyes give me hope I see something deeper, it broadens my scope I see the big picture and its origin I see all your beauty, it comes from within Trials and tribulations, these times they do hold But all of the best things, can never be sold I thank you then my friend, for all that you done You helped me remember, that we are all one Chorus
Sometimes [3:32] (McLaughlin) Every time I think of you, I just don't know what to do Cause I know that when you leave, you'll be gone You'll disappear and you'll say so long Chorus: All I need is a little more time, sometimes, sometimes Every time I look at you, I just find myself feeling blue Cause I'd be happier by your side, forever with you I would reside But you don't even care, you push away I don't know what's left to say, yeah I know that you must go But I just wish there was some way to show you that Chorus All the times that we have shared, I always thought that you had cared But now I know that it was just a fling, it didn't mean anything Chorus
Up and Down [3:55] (I. Rafalak, Heath Ahnert) Up and down, you go to bed at night Up and down, and then you wake up in the morning Up and down, why don't you go through life Up and down, the way you go throughout your day now One step at a time it will be alright All the time, I see you miss a step All the time, I see you caught up in the mire All the time, I see you go through tests All the time, the metal's purified by fire The hardships that we bare can serve to strengthen if we stand tall Chorus: Up, down, round and round, we all do it we all fall down What (tell me) is the difference, you take it for its worth and just keep on moving One step at a time, it will be alright I don't know, sometimes I can't explain I don't know, can't find the words to make a chorus I don't know, ideas don't come out sane I don't know, I think I need a new thesaurus Or maybe just use some filler to get me through this line Got no time, I see you rush around Got no time, your schedule's feeling like a riot Got no time, you need some solid ground Got no time, why don't you save some time for quiet Chorus It's easy for the man that ain't got no troubles To keep his head cool and live happily But the wiser man knows he's got to keep his head up Even in times of great difficulty Chorus
Beyond (Interlude) [1:33] (Badi Meccouri, Chris Hanson, I. Rafalak, J. Rafalak, Marotta) Hip-hop.
You Can Lie [3:06] (Penn, I. Rafalak)   Listen to this track in the music player If you could tell me just one thing, to keep me from this waking dream I might just die, I might just try to be with you tonight I'll ignore all fabrications, leave my checkers at the door Cause tonight all I need, is just your word Chorus: You can lie, You can lie, Just tell me what I need, you can lie You can lie, You can lie, Just fan this dying flame, you can lie I know all time is precious, and I value truth and love But I love my fantasies, they keep me from harsh reality So sweep me off my feet with all the wild and foolish tales Of how we'll be forever and hope everything works out Chorus Don't tell me where you were last night, unless the answer's home Just tell me where you'll be tonight, say you'll be with me just tonight One last flight, keep my sanity, to keep me from me
California Van Song [4:44] (I. Rafalak) I'm sitting here wasting time just waiting for something to change yeah Sometimes you lose control of your life and things just don't seem to rearrange themselves Reality's lost its touch so I seek shelter in things that never were I'm sitting here wasting time just wasting time I'm sitting here wasting time just waiting for something to change yeah It's not like I got nothing to do, it's just hard to find a little motivation I'm tired of feeling like I got no reason to be here anyway I'm sitting here wasting time just wasting time I try and try to understand why this cruel world don't give a damn bout my intentions or my cares, why is it me, it's just not fair that the conclusion as it seems is that my life is based on dreams that will escape to reality confronted with no one but me who I can not accept just quite the way I am and always fight with my reflection and my fate I can't accept or appreciate all the good I know I have wrought, when the one thing that I have sought continuously seems to run away as if I was the predator and it were the prey
Simple Mathematics [1:42] (Chowdhury, I. Rafalak)   Listen to this track in the music player When the binding of textbooks fails to keep us on the page Our arrogance stands invariant for a mercenary's wage Write enough checks for another term of respect Leave it to your successor when the people come to collect But your arrogance left unchecked from catalysts that you did not expect When principles cause our requisite faculties to fail And red herrings downstream cause our plans to rescale Will blind faith in the captain breathe hot air in our sails Enough so that when the bottom breaks we won't need the pail This a lifelime opportunity for us To lend our voices to the proletariat chorus We can resolve to learn for ourselves what's best for us We can resolve to learn for ourselves what's best for us So try to maintain your concentration, diffusion will spread wealth about The cost to ensure an education, much less than the cost if you don't So make your poor choice and think of yourself, while others have none Cause what hurts one hurts all, and simple mathematics have won
Goodbye Grey Skies [4:13] (Pierce, Jason Pisano, I. Rafalak)   Listen to this track in the music player Another morning, another grey sky, it seems like weeks since the sun last fly by It's times like these when I can't win, I gotta lose this skin I'm imprisoned in Chorus: I guess that all I really need's the sun to shine, then I know everything it will be fine It carries me off to a place that's oh so warm, without a burden of any cloud or storm Another winter, another bitter chill, I can't keep myself from ending up ill I'm sick every week and I can't find a cure I still need the one thing that's soothing and pure Chorus Say goodbye to the grey skies
Ronnie's Lament [1:30] (I. Rafalak) Instrumental.
L'Ange (Comme Votre Miroir) [3:44] (Chowdhury)   Listen to this track in the music player Quand l'esprit s'echoue sur des temps tristes C'est difficile d'etre toujours idealiste Quand on perd son reve avant qu'on se reveille C'est plus facile de ne pas regarder le soleil Prechorus: So why do you have to act so tough When you refuse to lend a hand to hang your dreams on stronger ties I think we've all had enough When we carry all our pain while we sleep till the next sunrise Chorus: Ain't no reason for you to feel sad, you got a rock in Monkey Gone Mad Ain't no reason for you to feel sad, you got a rock in Monkey Gone Mad With trust comes love which the world will test But if at first you still feel depressed Sometimes you don't realize you're tired till you rest If the torch of tomorrow is extinguished today Will we find one another mourning the skies of grey Will we find ourselves about to give in Or will we find something else more worthy of our submission Prechorus Chorus Ain't no reason for you to feel sad, you got a rock in Monkey Gone Mad Ain't no reason for you to feel sad, you got a rock in Monkey Gone Mad With trust comes love, which the world will test But with tests comes the strength to do your best To expand all your horizons, with every sunset Chorus
Right Now [3:30] (Meccouri, Chowdhury, I. Rafalak)   Listen to this track in the music player Chorus: My world is moving so fast right now I've learned from my past and I'm livin' right now If I wrote this song then, how would it sound right now If I was wrong then, how could I be right now I've seen the world through a lion's eyes I stand by the light but it looks like the fire died The drill is mind over matter like zion I Don't fall behind, cause time is just flyin by But before you move, ask yourself why am I living in this condition and why cant i apply what I believe and you wont just require my assistance I know cause I know I have tried For the last couple years now, give or take a few my blind mindset caused my character to break in two so now it's time to take it to a higher degree I look into the mirror and I keep trying to see some evidence of the person I aspire to be so I close my eyes and I see the fire in me His reflection in my design since the day I was born I keep that in mind as I make my way through the storm Chorus My mind is fully loaded, I hold it steady and aim at the souls who are waiting and are ready for change Everybody with something to say, too many to name and at the leaders, but sadly barely any remain So I noted that in rhyme form, told myself its time for music with the message through the mic, my divine sword Right now I'm not where I usually stand I'm moving towards the right now, and do what I can with what I have, but I really wish I knew in advance Some try to ruin my plans but I'm not losing my chance to represent that spiritual, and supply a visual lyrically invincible relaying God's principles I keep striving and focus on the long-term and move forward, when so many took a wrong turn A disgrace to my name so I changed my lifestyle If I had only known then what I know right now Chorus
Thank You [4:58] (I. Rafalak, Pierce)   Listen to this track in the music player Well I try to help you understand, and I try to be some kind of friend But I find things never go as planned, hope that time proves healing in the end Scraps of time, too distant and cold This concrete facade, can't fill those holes Two Hundred eyes, expectant and hopeful Little old me, crushed by their weighty souls Chorus: If you can't fill the ocean, at least fill a cup, the wise man says to me But these rushing waters knock me down every time As you grow older, your mind brings you down From friends and places no longer around I wish I could show you how important you are Your flame has not burned out. You're a shining star Chorus My sister's in tears tonight, has been for a while Complexities of this world have got her on trial I try my best to comfort her, but I can't do much She says you lent me your ear and you know that's enough Chorus I was feeling lost today, but you came helped me lit my way And peace came to me, lift me up when you talked to me filled my cup Whether it's right or it's wrong, I chose my path and did my best Whether it's big or it's small, we've all got to make some change for the better as best we can And you just can't give up like that, no no no, no no no All this mumbling stumbling, all I want to say is thank you Thank you for the change you've made
© Monkey Gone Mad 2005